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Free range – Non-GMO Turkeys!


Q: Why pre-order?Order Turkey Button

A: A pre-order is the only way to guarantee you receive one of our
turkeys in the size range you prefer.

Although we do raise some extra turkeys, they always sell out quickly.
In fact, this past year we sold out of our extra turkeys by Nov. 2nd and
had 3 times as many people requesting a turkey by Nov. 4th.

Turkey Choices
                     We are still taking orders for Standard turkeys.                        Heritage turkeys are sold out for 2017
All turkeys are pasture raised using no hormones and no antibiotics.  Their supplemental feed is all Non-GMO.
 Heritage breed Turkeys  Standard Turkeys
Price per pound  $5.67/lb  $4.50/lb
weight range  7-16 lbs  10-28 lbs


Heritage Breed Turkeys – Sold out for 2017!

HeritageTurkeyHeritage bird turkeys are generally smaller than standard birds they tend to have more dark meat and less breast meat in comparison. Heritage turkeys range in weight from 7-16lbs and cost $5.67/lb.


Standard Turkeys

TraditionalTurkeyStandard bird turkeys are generally larger with more breast meat and most similar to the type of turkey you would see at the grocery. Standard turkeys range in weight from 10-28lbs and cost $4.50/lb.

Turkey Order Form


Please complete the form below and submit your turkey order. If you want a selection of different birds, or don’t care what size bird you get. Use the forms comment section to leave these additional details.

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Turkey Order Details:
  • Turkeys must be ordered by April 30th for a November delivery (Update 2016 – we do have some available for those who did not pre-order.)
  • All turkey orders require a $30 deposit per bird. (call with card/mail in check)
  • We cannot guarantee exact weights for the birds.
  • We do try to ensure the turkeys are in the appropriate weight range. For instance, if you order a 12 pound turkey, it will be between 10 and 14 pounds.
  • Turkeys will be frozen.