Duck, Goat & Rabbit

Walnut Acres Family Farm has started offering some specialty meats as requested by our customers. Now you have access to quality, clean meat from duck, rabbit, and goat.

Cuts of Meat Available in Duck, Goat & Rabbit

RabbitRabbit Meat
Rabbit $6.50 per lb.


DuckDuck Meat
Duck $5.50 per lb.
Muscovy Duck $5.50 per lb.
Duck Eggs (1/2 doz.) $3.50 per 1/2 doz.
Goat Sausage $5.50 per lb.
Ground Goat $5.50 per lb.
1/2 Goat: ~10 lbs mixed cuts (chops, roast, leg, ground) $85
1 Whole Goat: ~21lbs mixed cuts (chops, roast, leg, ground) $160