Beef & Pork

Walnut Acres Family Farm can meet all your needs for range-fed beef and clean pork. From steaks to bacon we have you covered.  We take great pride in raising our animals in a healthy, humane way and providing you with the best choices in meat. To learn more about how we care for our animals and what they are fed take time to visit our About Animals Page.

Local Pick Up

All our meats are available to local residents for pick-up. Please place your order by phone (815) 343-3936 or e-mail and arrange a pick-up time.

CSA Delivery Joining the CSA is a best value. Each month Basic CSA Members receive approximately 18 lbs of meat including 2 dz. eggs for $100 with the option to add-on or choose particular cuts for a reasonable premium. The How It Works page is an excellent place to start.
Bulk Freezer Meat If you have access to a chest freezer, we invite you to take advantage cost savings and  convenience of ordering your meat in bulk. The Bulk Meat page is your next stop.

Cuts of Meat Available in Beef & Pork

Link to Beef Cuts Link to Cuts of Pork
Beef Cuts
Cut price per lb. Cut price per lb.
Ground Beef $6.00 Tenderized Round Steak $6.60
Ground Beef Patties $7.00 Cube Steaks (4) $6.60
Stew Meat $6.60 Flank Steak $9.40
Stir Fry Strips $7.80 Swiss Steak $7.60
Short Ribs $4.90 Sirloin Steak $8.60
Arm Roast $4.60 Rib Steak(Bone -in) $8.60
Chuck Roast $6.60 T-Bone Steak $8.60
Sirloin Roast $7.80 Skirt Steak $9.40
Rump Roast $ 7.80 Boneless Sirloin $9.90
Beef Brisket $8.25 Porterhouse Steak $12.45
Corned Beef Brisket $9.15 Ribeye Steak $13.40
Tongue $4.25 New York Strip $13.60
Liver $3.25 Filet Mignon $14.90
Heart $2.75
Soup Bones/Oxtail $2.95

*Highlighted cuts represent steaks.

Pork Cuts
Cut price per lb. cut price per lb.
Ground Pork-Bulk $5.30 Country Ribs $7.25
Ground Pork Patties $5.80 Pork Chops $7.55
Italian Sausage $5.80 Butterfly Chops $8.75
Brats $5.80 Pork Tenderloin $9.00
Pork Sausage-Bulk $5.80 Ham Hocks $3.50
Breakfast Patties Sm. $5.80 Breakfast Ham $6.55
Breakfast Links $5.80 Ham Steaks $6.55
Back Ribs $4.80 Smoked Ham Roast $6.55
Pork Roast $6.00 Diced Ham $7.05
Shoulder Steak $6.25 Applewood Bacon $7.55
Pork Stew Meat $6.80 Hickory Bacon $7.55
Pork Stir Fry $6.80 Pork Back Fat $0.75
Spare Ribs $7.05 Pork Leaf Fat $1.00
Pork Cutlets $7.00

*Highlights represent different styles/cuts of pork. Lighter shading is all ground pork products. Medium shading is cut pieces, and darker shading represents the smoked pork.