Walnut Acres Farms offers you the best for your family. From free-range beef to organic spices we have quite a variety of products including our emerging vegetable packs to take you from cook to clean-gourmet.

You have found the best option in Northern Illinois for:

  • Range fed beef, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs
  • Meats free of hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products
  • Local access to high quality food at affordable prices

We believe Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the best option for most people who want natural, local foods at reasonable prices.

Our standard products include:

WAFFAnimalStampsCSAShares (Beef, Pork, Chicken and Eggs)
WAFFCowStampBeef (Ground Beef, Roasts, Steaks, etc.)
WAFFPorkStampPork (Bacon, Sausage, Pork Chops, Ribs, Pork Roast, etc.)
WAFFAnimalStampsChickenChicken (Whole and Cut-up Chickens)
WAFFAnimalStampEggLarge Brown Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs (Duck eggs seasonally)
WAFFAnimalStampSpiceSpices & Spice Mixes (Variety of spices in jars or as refills)
WAFFAnimalStampsFreezerBulk Freezer Meat (Beef, Pork, Chicken)

Our specialty products:

These products are newer specialty items and/or seasonal items. If interested feel free to call 815-343-3936 or email for details. You will also help us guage interest.

WAFFAnimalStampsVegetables  WAFFAnimalStampsduck
Vegetable Pack Duck
WAFFAnimalStampsRabbit WAFFAnimalStampsGoat
Rabbit Goat