CSA Add-Ons

Year-round we offer both Individually Selected Cuts as well as Mini-Bags as Add-Ons to your CSA Share. During the summer months and early fall you also have the a vegetable pack available. Access the web store to easily place your add-on order. You can click on the items in the store for more details about that item including size ranges and cost.

Items can easily be added to your standard CSA order for a single month. If you decide that you would like to receive a particular item every month in addition to your Basic CSA Share, such as bacon, more eggs, a mini-bag or a vegetable pack, we would love to help e-mail Robin @ walnutacres@walnut4meat.com and she can get that set up for you.

Individual Cuts

Want a specific item for that special recipe? Add on individual items to your standard CSA Share. Any item on the price list can be ordered for your enjoyment. This includes both common items that may already be in your CSA share (like steak) as well as items that many people don’t commonly use such as soup bones.


WAFFmini bagIf you will need more meat to get you through the month, we suggest trying the Mini-Bag Option. We offer 7 varieties of Mini-Bags to help you select what works for you. Throwing a birthday party, scheduling Easter breakfast on the calendar, grilling with the neighbors next weekend; consider adding a Mini Bag so you are ready for your social events.

Types of Mini-Bags – $50.00 each
  • Mini Ground Beef: 9# of our lean ground beef
  • Mini Ground Pork:10# of our pure ground pork
  • Mini Breakfast: 7-8# of our very popular breakfast items.
  • Mini Gourmet: 4-5# of our prized cuts. May include pork tenderloin, Applewood bacon, Porterhouse steaks, or other delightful items.
  • Mini Beef : 6-8# variety of popular beef cuts
  • Mini Pork: 6-8# variety of popular pork cuts
  • Mini Chicken: over 12# of pastured chickens. 2 whole and 2 cut up chickens.
Seasonal Vegetables

WAFFAnimalStampsVegetablesOften throughout the summer we bring extra produce from our family garden.  All items are from non-GMO seeds and are organically grown, using no synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.   We bring these along for deliveries and members may buy them on a first come, first serve basis.  You can be confident in how they are grown.