Buyers Choice CSA

Some CSA Members have found that personally selecting all their meat cuts and add-on items each month has been more beneficial for their family.  While our Basic CSA Shares are designed to provide a variety of meat to supply a family size of 2-4 people, some people have larger families and varying needs. Whether you are feeding a larger crew and need more matching selections of meat or if you just find yourself need very select cuts of meat the Buyers Choice CSA can adapt the most flexibly to your family’s needs.

How to Place your Buyers Choice CSA Order on the Website:

STEP 1 Log in to your acount:Sign in at . If this is your first time, use “farmfresh” as the password.
STEP 2  Change your share type:Change your share type by adding Buyer’s Choice, then deleting your current share or email Robin and she can change it for you.
STEP 3 Login to Special Orders and select your items:Access the Special Orders web store online at . Use the same passcode as you did to access your account in step 1.
STEP 4 Add items to your Special Order:Add the products you need to reach your $100 minimum. There is not a maximum. When you are satisfied with your selection then checkout.


Guidelines and Instructions for Buyer’s Choice:

  1. All Buyer’s Choice CSA orders need to be placed through the web store as Special Orders.
  2. Minimum order is $100 in products. There is no order maximum.
  3. Your order must be finalized by 11 pm on the Tuesday before your pick-up date, this gives you about 4 weeks to place your order and make changes to it.
  4. You may order any of the items listed in the web store as part of your $100 minimum. Eggs are not automatically included, so if you want eggs you will need to choose them as part of your order.
  5. Items in the web store are listed in weight categories. For instance a “Roast – 3# avg” will weigh between 2.5# and 3.5#, but will most likely be pretty close to the 3#. There is a single price assigned to this item, (the 3# price) even though the actual weight may vary by a few tenths of a pound higher or lower.
  6. There are limits placed on most items to ensure that there is enough for everyone.
  7. Choose your items and checkout. You will not be charged through the shopping cart at that time.
  8. You will receive a confirmation email of your order.
  9. Your order will not show on your standard account page. Instead go to the store if you want to view your order. You can go back in later and add to or change your order until the cut off time. If you adjust your order by adding or deleting an item you still need to update the order by selecting the checkout button again.
  1. $5 CSA delivery charge still applies.
  2. In addition, a small $5 handling fee will be added to your order. So, the minimum cost for the Buyer’s Choice CSA is $110.
  3. If you are a new member, there is a one-time $5 freezer bag deposit fee.
  4. Monthly Payment Option:  The Buyers Choice Minimum Payment is the monthly payment choice for the Buyer’s Choice CSA. You will initially pre-pay the $110 (or $115 if bag fee applies). You will then be charged $110 after each pick-up. If your Special Order value exceeds $100 in product, then your initial pre-pay balance will begin to decline based on the products you ordered. If your pre-pay credit balance falls below $60 you will automatically be charged the difference needed to bring your credit balance back to the $110.
  5. Pre-pay Discount: If you pre-pay a sum of $300 or more you can earn a pre-pay discount.  Your Special Order total will be deducted each month from your credit balance.
Substitutions & Allowances
  1. If we are sold out of one of the items on your order, we will substitute with a different size of the same item, or with a similar item to the one you ordered.
  2. If you do not order $100 worth of items, we will add to your order to reach the minimum.
  3. IMPORTANT: The Buyers Choice requires you to place a Special Order each month. Failure to place the Special Order will cause your share type to revert to a Standard Mixed Share. Your Special Order must be placed by 11 pm on the Tuesday before your CSA pick-up.