Grandpa’s Tractor

Feeling a little nostalgic this week, and loving these pictures taken earlier this month of Jake unloading our custom ground hog feed.

Wagon 1

The precious value of generational farms has been ingrained upon our hearts since childhood.  When you trace our ancestry you see that the grandparents of both of us were farmers when they first came here from Norway.  Dave is a  4th generation farmer here in the US and I’m the 5th generation in our family.

Wagon 3

This tractor is called a D17.  It belonged to my Grandpa Howard and was a reliable workhorse.  My Dad has always spoken fondly of the D17 and arranged with Grandpa and the extended family to bring it over to our farm last year when they dispersed Grandpa’s farm items.  What a special treat.  Since then, we have had it completely overhauled and it’s running like a top once again.

Wagon 5

This little wagon is another treasure that came over from Grandpa’s farm.  Isn’t it neat?  Believe it or not, this wagon was built on top of a Model T running gear.

Grandpa and Dad used to use this wagon for hauling “ear corn”.  That’s back in the day’s before combines took the corn off the ears in the field.  The whole corn was brought back to the crib to dry for months and later be “shelled” off the ear.  This is how I remember farming from when I was growing up.  Such precious memories.

Wagon 6

The picture above shows our son Jake chatting with my Dad and his brother.  There’s just something precious about seeing our sons with their grandfather and this generational equipment being brought back into use.  It brings a new layer of meaning to doing things the old fashioned way.

Grandpa Howard passed away earlier this week, but his tremendous legacy lives on in many ways.  And now we see another generation enjoying the hard work, trials, and tremendous rewards that come from farming.  The rewards are certainly not financial. They are so much more valuable than that.