Bringing Home Babies

One of our goals is to keep all our animals as healthy and comfortable as reasonably possible.

Becca with chicks

If you have been following our farm for a few years you know we struggled with receiving our chicks through the mail.  It’s a 2 day trip for them in uncertain conditions of the mail trucks and regional centers.  In good conditions, they would arrive somewhat stressed.  In bad conditions, such as high heat or cold drafts, they would arrive with many losses. It wasn’t good.

Something had to be done, so last year we drove several times to Cincinnati. A long trip, but at least we got them one in one day and we could control the conditions. A big improvement.
Bringing chicks home 2016

But this year, 2016, we have been able to work with Schlecht Hatchery in Miles, Iowa. They are a small, family owned hatchery and only an hour and a half away!

Here we are bringing home Cornish cross chicks and turkeys.

Cornish Cross Chicks 2016

The folks at Schlecht have been so great to work with and it’s always nice to have a personal relationship with your supplier. Plus, less time on the road means more time working here on the farm where there are always more things to get done!
Broad Breasted Turkey Poults 2016

And of course, happier, healthier chicks!Chicks in pen2

Always striving for better,

Your friends at Walnut Acres Family Farm