We know you have questions.  We love your questions. Here we discuss some that we have heard often and bet you are wondering too.  Of course, let us know if you have a question not covered here by emailing walnutacres@walnut4meat.com..

Do you give tours?

There is a visitor’s day scheduled for most years. Be sure to check our calendar for details. Contact us for your educational or private group tour. Due to the demanding lifestyle on the farm, we do not offer tours to individuals stopping by.

Do you feed corn to your cattle?

 A very common question. Our cattle are on pasture full time in season (hay in the winter) eating grasses and other graze plants. They also receive a very small amount of corn each day. This is a normal, natural diet for a cow. You probably have heard that corn is bad for cattle. These reports are referring to feed lot cattle who are fed primarily corn. This type of overload corn feeding is bad for the cow’s digestive system. Think of it this way: raspberries are good for you, but a diet exclusively of raspberries would be bad for you. In the same way, small amounts of corn are a natural, beneficial part of a cow’s diet.

What’s included in a CSA Share?

Go to the CSA Share Types too learn about the variety of shares we offer. We also list some examples of a Basic Share.

I don’t need that much meat, do you have smaller shares available?

There is only one size share available (18-20 pounds), but you may want to split it with a friend or choose the every-other-month option.

What if we don’t need something that’s included in the CSA share?

Shares are able to be customized to a certain extent. For instance, if don’t eat pork, just choose “No Pork” and we will substitute with other meats. We are also now offering a Buyers Choice share where you choose the selected cuts. Learn more about our CSA Shares here.

Are the cattle 100% grass fed? What are the animals fed?

The About the Animals page  is the best place to find out all about how we care and feed the animals at Walnut Acres Family Farm.

What if I can’t make my pick-up?

If at all possible, please arrange for someone else to pick up your meat at the appointed time. If that is not possible, you can arrange to pick it up at another delivery point or at the farm.

Where are you located?

Walnut Acres Family Farm is located in Walnut, IL  in which is right on edge of Lee County, Bureau County and Whiteside County. Walnut is 20-30 minutes from the more touristy towns of Princeton, Dixon, Rock Falls, and Sterling. Our mailing address is 294 Baseline Rd. Walnut, IL.

What are your hours?

Due to the unusual nature of raising livestock, as well as children, we do not maintain regular hours open to the public. If you need to pick up your meat, call ahead 815-343-3936 to arrange a convenient time (Mon-Fri.) Also check the delivery locations and times.