About our Family

Since 1997, Jameson’s have been providing meat for local families. Customers would have originally known us as “The Pork Place” at Jameson Family Farms. “We had the cutest little logo showing a pig popping out of a freezer.” The farm has really grown since those early days; by 2007 they had started expanding to beef and eggs and by 2009 they moved to Walnut, IL to accommodate the animal expansion.

DaveRobinbDave and Robin grew up on grain & livestock farms themselves.  They still raise corn and beans on the family farms which have been in their families for 5 & 6 generations. At their home in Walnut, IL they raise livestock. Dave & Robin desire to provide the same farming opportunities to their children that they benefited from.

BenFamToday the farm is managed by Dave and Robin Jameson. Their adult son Ben recently moved to the area is employed part-time on the farm.  Ben brought his wife and the grandkids; so at times you can see 3 generations on the farm. Dave and Robin’s other children are a part of the action around the place too.

Jake has started several new farm project including a breeding chickens, growing a large organic garden, and supplying clean rabbit meat.  His large organic garden seasonally offers vegetables to both locals and CSA members.  The seasonal nature of rabbits and gardening works well his school schedule.

Andrew is Dave’s shadow. Andrew can often be found working right along side his Dad doing farm chores. He is happiest when he is working outside or messing with something mechanical.

If Andrew is Dad’s right hand man, Asriella is Jake’s right hand lady. Asriella enjoys helping Jake with his ongoing entrepreneurial projects.

In a mix of work and play you will also see Daniel, Isaac, and Leah around the farm. They all have their share of farm chores as well as their share in the wonderment of farm life including new chicks,  kittens, and bunnies too. There is always something to be seen and explored on the farm.

Rebecca is the emerging Jameson on the farm. As she transitions to adulthood she is taking on more responsibility and finding her niche in the family farm. We are eager to see how her creative nature colors the farm.